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Official Site of Coventry Bass Anglers

- Our History -

In 1981, Coventry Bass Anglers was established, reflecting its values of sportsmanship, friendly competition among its members and respect for the local waters on which we fish.

2021 Tournament Schedule

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2021 Tournament Results

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2021 Year to Date Standings

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2019 Tournament Schedule

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Tournament Results

4/24/2016 Wordens Pond Click Here

05/01/2016 Watermans Res Click Here

05/22/2016 Long Pond Harwich Click Here

05/29/2015 Long Pond Freetown Click Here

06/05/2016 Indian Lake Click Here

06/19/2016 Echo Lake Click Here

06/25/2016 Wequaket Click Here

07/10/2016 Webster Lake Click Here

07/24/2016 Watchaug Click Here

08/07/2016 South Watuppa Click Here

08/21/2016 Whitehall Res Click Here

09/11/2016 Johnsons Pond Click Here



Hosted By Coventry Bass Anglers

Sunday October 03,2021 // 7:00 am.---2:00pm

5 Fish Limit Per Boat // 20 Boat Limit

1 or 2 Anglers Per Boat

$45.00 Per Angler Includes $5.00 for Lunker

(Check ok for preregister / Cash day of tournament)

(Pond is off limits September 29, 2021 at midnight)

75 % Payback

Boaters Name___________________CoAnglers Name______________________





Sponsored By : Coventry Bass Anglers

Contact :Ray Pasquarelli (Day 739-9965---Cell 499-8825)

Mail To : Alcon Auto Body, 635 West Shore Rd. , Warwick, RI 02889

       Make Checks Payable To : Ray Pasquarelli or Gary Faragalli_____

TOC First Place 2020

Bryan and James 12.39 lbs.

TOC Second Place 2020 Ray and Bob 7.90 lbs.

07/19/2020 Bryan Mayo Lunker at Manchaug 5.41 Lbs.

Congradulations to Dick Warhurst First Place 2019.

Congratulations to Charlie Shaw Second place 2019.

Congratulations to Gary Faragali third place 2019.

2019 Lunker Award goes to Joe Casinelli 6.10 lbs.

First Place in the 2019 Fish off Dick Warhurst and John Sanders

Second Place in the 2019 Fish off Bob Began and Charlie Shaw

Congratulations to Gary Faragali for his 19.00 lb bag on Wordens Pond 04/28/2019.

First Place for 2018 Dick

Second Place for 2018 Ray

Third Place for 2018 Eugene

2018 Lunker 



2018 Fish Off

First Place Gary and Joe

2018 Fish Off

Second place Eugene and Donny

Coventry Bass Anglers are currently looking for new members. If interested contact Ray. Contact form at bottom of page.

2018 Coventry Bass Anglers Schedule

__________________________________________________________ Flight

04-29-18 (Sunday)-(PT)---------Mashpee Wakepee----7:00 am—2:00 pm 4

05-06-18 (Sunday)-(PT)---------Watermans Res.--------7:00 am—1:00 pm 5

05-20-18 (Sunday)-(PT)_--------Johnsons Pond----------7:00 am—1:00 pm 6

06-03-18 (Sunday)-(PT)----------Long Pond Harwich----7:00 am--2:00 pm 7

06-09-18 (Saturday)-(Open)----Wordens Pond---------7:00 am—2:00 pm Open

06-17-18 (Sunday)-(PT)----------Webster Lake-----------6:00 am—1:00 pm 1

06-24-18 (Sunday(-(PT)----------Wequacket -------------7:00 am—2:00 pm 2

07-08-18 (Sunday)-(PT)----------Long Pond Freetown--7:00 am—1:00 pm 3

07-22-18 (Sunday)-PT)-----------Echo Lake-----------------6:00 am—1:00pm 4

07-29-18 (Sunday)-(PT)----------Manchaug Pond--------7:00 am---1:00pm 5

08-12-18 (Sunday)-(PT)----------Lake Quaboug----------7:00 am—1:00 pm 6

08-26-18 (Sunday)(OPEN)-------Whitehall Res.----------7:00 am—2:00 pm Open

09-09-18 (Sunday)-(PT)----------South Watuppa--------7:00 am---1:00 pm 7

09-16-18 (Sunday)-(PT)----------Indian Lake---------------7:00am—1:00 pm 1

09-23-18 (Sunday) (TOC)--------Johnsons Pond --------7:00 am—3:00 pm

2017 Coventry Bass Anglers Top Three.

Angler of the year Charlie Shaw

Second Dick Warhurst

Third Ray Pasquarelli

First Place in the 2017 TOC Ray Pasquarelli and Eugene Pattison

Second Place in the 2017 TOC Tommy Armstrong and Bryan Mayo

Congratulations to Dick Warhurst 

Lunker of the year 2017 5.63 lbs

Alex Brimmer with the Lunker at Johnson's Pond 5.33 lbs.

Coventry Bass Anglers 2016 Top Three

1) Mike O'Leary

2) Dick Warhurst

3) Charlie Shaw

2016 Lunker of the Year Award

Mike O'Leary

First Place Coventry Bass Anglers TOC

Mike O'Leary and Donnie St. Angello

2016 Coventry Bass Anglers TOC

Second Place Ray Pasquarelli and Joe Cassinelli

Mike O'Leary 06/19/2016 Echo Lake with the Club Lunker so far for 2016 5.80 lbs

Robert Rull With a nice Lunker from Webster lake on 07/10/106. He just missed lunker of the year 5.77 lbs.

2016 Wordens Pond Open Tournament

Congrads to Bobby Lake with this nice 6.21 lunker and the win at Wordens Pond 4/24/2016 with 9.56 lbs.

TOC Results 2015 Wequacket

First Place 10.63 lbs with Lunker Small Mouth 2.31 lbs


Second Place 8.77 lbs


Lunker Large Mouth 2.81 lbs


Congratulations to Mike O'Leary 2015 Coventry Bass Anglers Club Champion.

Ray Pasquarelli with a nice 6.41 lbs caught at Webster lake on 7/19/2015 Lunker for the club so far.

Nice 5.72 Lunker caught at Patchaug on 5/31/2015 by Joe Cassinelli

2014 Top 3 Anglers.

Charlie Shaw

Bryan Mayo

Gary Faragalli

2014 Fish Off First Place

Andy McColl and Bryan Mayo

2014 Fish Off Second place

Bob Began and Mike O'leary

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